A compilation of business knowledge. Stop searching, start finding.

Track down your links and snippets

Tiomsu lets you collect and easily find your links and files (notes, blog drafts in markdown, pictures). They are one click away.

Store your links and snippets in collections.

Arrange your files by theme and group them into collections. Add new elements whenever you want.

Share your content with others.

Let your team members see and edit collections. Limit or revoke access anytime you want. Get daily, weekly or monthly summary of the most interesting things your team posted.


Tiomsu collects all your links and snippets in one, easy-to-navigate system. None of them gets lost until you delete it.


Find what you need with Tiomsu’s built-in search engine. Spotting a link or a text file has never been easier.


Thanks to its transparent and straightforward design, using Tiomsu feels good from the very start.


  1. gaelic for ‘a compilation’ (as defined by Teanglann.ie)
  2. an online compendium of your business knowledge

Tiomsu enables you to store and organize information and share it with your team. Links, articles, pictures or ideas can be easily tracked down in your private folder or collection and made available to the entire company.

With Tiomsu, ideas in your business never get lost in conversation.

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